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Life Is More Delicious When You Eat Seaweed

I am a Japanese girl who is writing blog about the research and benefits of seaweed.
Japanese people eat seaweed almost every day and I like eating it. One day when I was researching, I noticed that seaweed is great for the human body and health. So, I started writing articles to spread awareness to people around the world how amazing and healthy seaweed is for our bodies. You can also learn more about seaweed and Japanese traditional food simply by visiting my website! Please check it out!

Fukuoka, Japan

I belonged to a table tennis club when I was in middle school. I also love sports using a racket such as tennis and badminton.

When I learn about seaweed more and more each day, I get excited and can’t wait to write in my blog when people give me some ideas of a new topic regarding seaweed!

Aside from being a seaweed lover, I also love olive oil, avocado and miso soup! Japanese people often eat seaweed and I am super lucky that I am Japanese because some researchers admitted that Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world thanks to seaweed!

Stop comparing myself to others. I used to think like “This girl is smarter than me…” “That girl is prettier than me…”.But someone told me that no one is perfect, and it is so true. I have something I can be proud of. Now I feel more confident than before and I like being who I am.

Whenever I tell people the health benefits and importance of eating seaweed and they are surprised by the effects of it, it brings a smile to my face.

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