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Life Is More Delicious When You Eat Seaweed

I have been Plant Based for nearly 10 years. I have become a big lover of seaweeds in the last 2 years. I include them in my daily life in different forms, be it as supplements, as snacks or as part of my meals. I believe they are absolutely amazing, and they need more recognition for all the health benefits they provide. Not to mention how insanely tasty they are.

Budapest, Hungary
Barcelona, Spain
Cardio & Strength Training combined with a Plant Based & Gluten-free diet low in salt and refined oils.

The sea! It just takes my breath away!

Seaweed, Fruits and Kale!

Being asked to be a Global Ambassador for OMG! What an honour! 😊 …still smiling.

Adding different seaweeds to my diet! As I watch nutrient ratio per calories of the foods I eat, seaweed has become a huge part of my life!

Be the best version of yourself; inside and out!

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