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Life Is More Delicious When You Eat Seaweed

ItBeautySeoul CEO, Beauty blogger
South Korea

I believe everyone has their own secret for beauty or health. What is yours? As a 30’s lady, I care for my inner beauty more than outer. I try to drink lots of water, eat an apple every morning, stretch my body before bed, and so on. It’s because I learned these small habits can affect a lot for my health and beauty. Only using expensive anti-aging cream on the face can only have a limited effect unless I care for myself from the inside. I see some pimples appear on my face after eating lots of chips or chocolate cake. On the other hand, I see less dry skin after drinking lots of water or having a good night’s sleep. When I was introduced to OMG (seaweed), it was the exact small good habit that I could keep, perfect balance to have little joy of having savoury snack at the same time, giving me good nutrition. Such a high quality natural ingredients with light seasoning is OMG and it is vegan. Seaweed has lots of minerals and low calories. It can be an amazing snack for ladies, kids, elderly people as well as adults, basically for everyone. I’d much rather snack on OMG than chips! It gives me both pleasure of snacking and beautiful skin with no guiltiness of eating unhealthy stuff!

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