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Life Is More Delicious When You Eat Seaweed

Ph.D., CEO, Algenuity, Director, Spicer Consulting Limited, Stewartby
United Kingdom

As an alternative, healthy, sustainable snack OMG went down extremely well with the staff at Algenuity and Spicer Consulting Limited. While there were some nay-sayers and those who simply refused to take a chance on something a bit different when compared to their average UK snack experience, overwhelmingly these products were strongly received and enthusiastically consumed by staff with ages ranging from early 20’s into their 60’s. The sea salt and chilli flavoured options received the most praise and I have to say that I had difficulty deciding which one I preferred best. With certain drinks, the chilli flavoured option would work better, but I finally arrived at my own conclusion that the sea salt option was my preferred choice. The packaging is professional and attractive including the colour-palette, which has a marine theme and the packet sizes that are offered are well suited to a single portion light snack or something that could be more likely to be shared in a social gathering. Comments noted when OMG was offered to staff included the following: “Seaweed?!” “Oh, yes, I’ve had something like this before. In Korea.” “I’ll give it a go! That smells lovely.” “Oh, that’s really nice. Can I have some more?” “Oh, the chilli one is lovely. I would buy that one.” “Yeah, I would prefer that to crisps.”

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