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Life Is More Delicious When You Eat Seaweed

Other Ways To Use Seaweeds Except For Eating

Other Ways to Use Seaweeds Except for Eating

Seaweeds are sold at the supermarket as food and they are supporting our health.
As I mentioned so many times in many of my articles, seaweed is amazing for our health and body.
It contains Fucoidan which is a slimy substance extracted from seaweed.
What is Fucoidan?

Also, we have many kinds of seaweeds and each seaweed has many great benefits.
Japanese seaweed has many beneficial effects!

Moreover, kelp, one of the seaweeds, has so many great effects! Did you know that kelp has 14 benefits for your body?? You should check this article if you haven’t read it.

Kelp has so many great effects!

But did you know that seaweeds are used for other things around us?

In Ireland, there is a traditional bath custom with seaweeds.

People in Ireland put seaweeds in the bathtub.

The slimy substance gets stuck to your body and makes your skin smooth which is effective against rough skin and dry skin.

Seaweeds absorb water, so they expand by absorbing bathwater and keep the water warm for a long time because they cover the bathtub like a bath lid.

You can dry the seaweeds and use them again for taking a bath, however, it is a little hard to wash and clean the bathroom because of the slimy substance.

Here in Japan, we have the same culture that we put kelp into the bathtub.

Seaweeds are used for many things around us.

For example, kelp is used for the stabilizer of a food additive for ice cream.

It makes the ice cream not melt easily and makes the food feeling better.

Also, ikura at the sushi restaurant is sometimes made artificially.

When alginate sodium taken from seaweed combines with calcium, it jellied solidify.

It is artificial, but it looks like a real ikura!

As the only way to find out if it’s real, you can put hot water to ikura.

If it’s real, it reacts to protein and the orange color turns to white.

If the color doesn’t change, it is artificial ikura!

Kelp is also used to solidify shampoo and tablet medicine as industrial and medical use.

Seaweeds are used for various ways like above because there’s no waste and no disposing parts.

Things you are using might be made from seaweeds.

By the way, regarding kelp water, it is just water and kelp as the name of it.

Not only to drinking it normally, but also putting it to the meals resolves constipation and decreases pimples on the skin.

Kelp is an amazing seaweed!

Let’s utilize seaweeds in many ways and stay healthy!

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