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Life Is More Delicious When You Eat Seaweed

5 Seaweed Benefits

5 Seaweed Benefits

5 Ways Seaweeds Can Benefit Your Health in 2020 

1) Weight Control  

     – Brown seaweeds contain Alginate that reduces fat   digestion by the body by 30%
– Iodine in seaweeds helps maintain a healthy metabolism and burn calories.
– Seaweeds rehydrate the stomach making you feel full and less likely to snack.

2) Dry January

     – Abstaining from alcohol for the month of January is becoming increasingly common.   
– It’s now known that seaweeds are great for a body detox but did you know seaweeds are brilliant for liver detoxification. 
– Seaweeds contain sodium alginate which absorbs toxins from the digestive tract.   
– Kelp is a type of seaweed that is particularly rich in algin and green seaweed is rich in chlorophyll, a green pigment containing special fibres that bind to and remove toxins from the body. So don’t just rest your liver detox it with seaweed.

3) Keeping Warm

        Guess what your thyroid controls in your body? Your temperature. The combination of poor circulation and a thyroid that is down can cause the feet and hands to be cold. So what can you do about this? How can you improve your circulation and thyroid health in order to have warm feet and hands again? Beyond the external things though you want to get more iodine in your diet to feed the health of your thyroid. Iodine can be found in Kelp and Dulse seaweed. Be sure to include these in your diet, add them to your salads, soups, raw food recipes etc. So during this cold snap make sure you get your iodine fix.

4) Detox

       Seaweed removes fats and toxins from the body and helps protect the liver from toxic damage. The sodium alginate in seaweed, especially kelp, absorbs toxins from the digestive tract. A Canadian study from McGill University found that seaweed soaks up cadmium and lead from inside the body, which can accumulate from cigarette smoke and industrial and transportation waste in the environment. Green seaweed is also a potent detoxifier because of the presence of chlorophyll in it, which contains special fibers that bind and remove unwanted toxins.

 5) Low Salt

      Use seaweed as a seasoning and salt replacement.


– Author Tony Coulson, Ebb Tides Seaweed

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