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OMG is definitely my favourite new snack!! Not to mention how undoubtedly healthy and tasty it is, it’s just the kind of snack all health conscious people out there like me, were looking for. Enjoy it without hesitation. Made out of natural ingredients, OMG has different flavour for everyone’s preference-mine was spicy! If you try once...you will be adding it to you cart regularly. You can simply nibble on it alone, or enjoy it with pretty much any other meal or drinks. I’m just really excited to see Oh My Gim go global!! When two sisters put their heart and passion into such good product it’s only a matter of time for it to be recognized. Strongly recommended. Five stars or more if I can rate more!
Happy wife Head of Customer Service DutyFree
South Korea

Dr. Andrew Spicer

As an alternative, healthy, sustainable snack OMG went down extremely well with the staff at Algenuity and Spicer Consulting Limited. While there were some nay-sayers and those who simply refused to take a chance on something a bit different when compared to their average UK snack experience, overwhelmingly these products were strongly received and enthusiastically consumed by staff with ages ranging from early 20’s into their 60’s. The sea salt and chilli flavoured options received the most praise and I have to say that I had difficulty deciding which one I preferred best. With certain drinks, the chilli flavoured option would work better, but I finally arrived at my own conclusion that the sea salt option was my preferred choice. The packaging is professional and attractive including the colour-palette, which has a marine theme and the packet sizes that are offered are well suited to a single portion light snack or something that could be more likely to be shared in a social gathering. Comments noted when OMG was offered to staff included the following: “Seaweed?!” “Oh, yes, I’ve had something like this before. In Korea.” “I’ll give it a go! That smells lovely.” “Oh, that’s really nice. Can I have some more?” “Oh, the chilli one is lovely. I would buy that one.” “Yeah, I would prefer that to crisps.”
Ph.D., CEO, Algenuity, Director, Spicer Consulting Limited, Stewartby
United Kingdom

Sookhi Tuite

I'm so excited to be collaborating with all you at HEASAN! Your first product OMG is perfect for me. I was looking for a light snack to take after Yoga and all my Triathlon activities, and Omg ticks all the boxes. It's light and nutritious as well as tasty! Just what I need after a workout! And I also love how OMG can be kept fresh too if I don't finish the whole packet. So perfect in every way 🙂 I look forward to seeing more great products from HEASAN in the future! Keep up the great work guys!
Founder, Certified Yoga teacher at Booja Yoga
United Kingdom


I’ve always loved eating seaweed because I love sushi. I snack on them too. It’s very healthy and it aides in a healthy diet. When I tried OMG, I had an Oh my Gosh experience. It is not your typical seaweed. You can tell that it’s been given more attention on flavour and taste. I love the perilla oil flavour (SEA SALT) the most. I eat it alone, on a salad or with rice. For those who love a bit of kick the spicy flavour is for you. For those who love its original taste, they have one as well. And it’s not your average seaweed. You can taste the difference. It’s also a convenient snack without spills and needing effort. Plus it’s guilt free. I’m on a paleo diet and it is allowed. It’s allowed with all type of food dietary plan you do. It’s definitely going to be in my grocery list all the time and my favourite go to snack.
Author & lover of life
United Kingdom


HEASAN Seaweed Snack is a great and healthy alternative to potato chips. All natural and less fat and calories found in junk food. HEASAN is replacing my chips habit with delicious seaweed snacks!
US Army Officer (Colonel)


OMG is the best seaweed ever. I've tried many different brands but OMG is the tastiest, I like its smokiness, combined with the chilli what else can I ask for?! Just wish it's more widely available.
cats’ mom from London
United Kingdom


I have always eaten seaweed like snacks. They are convenient, delicious and ridiculously healthy packed with minerals. OMG seaweed comes in three tasty flavours and an easy resealable pack so you can snack on the go. You even know the source and exactly what goes into them. What’s not to like?!
Solicitor Healthy lifestyle
United Kingdom

Elloise Jahng

“Looking for something healthy? Or are you feeling guilty having a glass of beer? Grab OMG!” All mothers, all parents including myself, look for healthy snack for kids, something for diet, something that tastes good. However, we all agree that those things don’t happen together. I felt the same way before I met OMG. There are two kinds of mothers. One who knows OMG and the ones who don’t. Oh! My God! I am so glad I’m in the first group! My little baby boy Ian deserves something good, I mean something precious. Did you know that the whales eat seaweed after giving birth? By reading the nutritional values of the OMG package, it explains why I choose this product. If you are seeking for something healthy & balanced, and you care for being environmentally friendly, and are interested in nutritious food that is also good in taste, Grab OMG now! I strongly recommend OMG to you. You will know why once you open it.
Anchorwoman of Korea Business News/Arirang TV
South Korea

Michele Sonnen

I fell in love with OMG at first sight. What a lovely package! When I tried it, my love was certain. Now I’m addicted and OMG is at the top of my shopping list! Thank you, OMG!


What a wonderful idea eating Gim like this! Korean Gim is popular, but what I saw in the overseas’ market is all too big in size. I guess that’s for Koreans who eat Gim with rice. I keep praising OMG! How lovely this idea is and the package is also so wonderful! OMG is definitely my choice of giving a gift to foreign friends. The idea is simply amazing! And also without mentioning, OMG is so delicious!
Global Fashion Marketing & Sales Director
South Korea


I have recently tried OMG seaweed, and I was impressed by the quality and freshness of the product. It is definitely a health food, very much in line with type of food we have to focus on for the future. This product is part of our changing lifestyle!
Horse lover Investment Specialist


I am the one who always cares about food’s nutritious facts and origins. When I tried OMG, I felt the freshness of the oil and the good quality of Gim. I like to have Gim usually with a bowl of rice, this OMG is going to be my best rice-mate ever as well as a beer-mate, no harm at all! I highly recommend for those who are healthy dieters and picky eaters.
Food lover Good restaurants hunter Picky eater Home cook professional
South Korea

Jihyun Kang

The story of OMG is very attractive – spreading out healthy and natural Korean seaweed to the world by sisters who love seaweed. After hearing the story, I was so curious on tasting HAESAN’s Gim. When I eat it, it is different from others, not only taste but experience with GIM. It changed my thought of eating Gim. It does not have to be eaten with rice, but it is a healthy snack itself whenever and wherever. OMG reminds me of the importance of a healthy and natural diet!
Anchorwoman Founder & CEO - DESK M
South Korea

Soma Dutta

"I have had seaweed in sushi earlier but never enjoyed the fishy smell of these. I am a vegetarian and somehow the fishy smell of seaweed put me off. I am really thankful to Chiwon, my Dear student, who introduced me to this wonderful product. Her love and passion for seaweed and her enthusiasm to present this healthy product to the world in such an awesome way made me a big fan of OMG!!!! The unique taste, flavour, texture of this healthy product is made with lots of love and care. The original, sea salt or spicy, I am sure will be a hit. Just like it changed my perception about seaweed, I am sure you will all like it!!!!!!!!"
Teacher of Indian Culture and Yoga at the Embassy of India, Seoul


I tried OMG and I was very impressed how delicious, light and flavory it is! I definitely tasted the difference in comparison to other seaweed that I had tried before!
Moscow, Switzerland, Italy, UK Art dealer


As a Spaniard, seaweed was a relatively new food to me until a few years ago. After I learnt about the numerous nutritional benefits of seaweed and that Asian countries have been enjoying them centuries and centuries, I really wanted to start eating seaweed in a daily basis. However, at first it was really hard to find a way to include it in my meals since I didn’t know how to use it. However, ever since my friend gave me to try OMG snacks I have become addicted. I love having a pair of OMGs in my office desk so that when I am craving some snacks I can eat something that is actually good for my health and beauty. It is also good for before and after workouts, which in my case is, playing tennis. The pretty design of the packaging also makes it look so chic, and many friends have asked me about what that thing that I was eating was. I cannot wait to experiment including it to some delicious Spanish recipes!
Spanish founder of Taste of Spanish


I believe everyone has their own secret for beauty or health. What is yours? As a 30’s lady, I care for my inner beauty more than outer. I try to drink lots of water, eat an apple every morning, stretch my body before bed, and so on. It’s because I learned these small habits can affect a lot for my health and beauty. Only using expensive anti-aging cream on the face can only have a limited effect unless I care for myself from the inside. I see some pimples appear on my face after eating lots of chips or chocolate cake. On the other hand, I see less dry skin after drinking lots of water or having a good night’s sleep. When I was introduced to OMG (seaweed), it was the exact small good habit that I could keep, perfect balance to have little joy of having savoury snack at the same time, giving me good nutrition. Such a high quality natural ingredients with light seasoning is OMG and it is vegan. Seaweed has lots of minerals and low calories. It can be an amazing snack for ladies, kids, elderly people as well as adults, basically for everyone. I’d much rather snack on OMG than chips! It gives me both pleasure of snacking and beautiful skin with no guiltiness of eating unhealthy stuff!
ItBeautySeoul CEO, Beauty blogger
South Korea


After living in Korea for over 30 years I have tried many different brands of seaweed=Gim...which by the way it took me over 4 years before I even dared to try it. ...Originally from Central America so....not used to the "sea smell and taste" I have tried HEASAN’s brand of OMG Original and Sea Salt flavour and have enjoyed very much either with my Korean meals or just as a snack....
Latin mom


I can say OMG is amazing seaweed for everyone. For me, I've been eating many kinds of seaweed all my life. Cos seaweed is a very popular food in Korea. However, when I tried OMG for the first time, I was very surprised. Because of the pure, nontoxic and high quality ingredients, compared to other seaweed goods. It's very important to me and my family, as my child has food allergies. But OMG is natural and organic. My family always enjoys OMG instead of instant food. If you are interested in healthy food, I am pretty sure you will love OMG seaweed.
Former Emirates Cabin Crew, Professional Mom
South Korea

Naomi Oh

Do you know why I like seaweed so much? I believe that consuming sea vegetables makes my hair healthy and shiny. However I will be fed up if I have it every day. But I think I can have OMG every hour. It is a savoury that you can’t stop eating, but it does not contain so much salt. When you put a bite in your mouth you will know that it is freshly made. It is delicious! My son finishes the packet so quickly and always takes my share. We love Oh! My Gim.
Sea Veggie fanatic Mom
South Korea


OMG is so delicious and healthy! It’s perfect for my pocket. I always bring with me and whenever I feel peckish. It’s better than chips!
Kid model (8yr) Italian
South Korea


OMG is an absolutely perfect snack! I fell in love with this snack at first sight and taste. Unlike other Seaweed products in the market, OMG is convenient to have on the go as it comes in a nice small and easy to carry pack which is re-sealable. I recommend OMG for its delicious and healthy qualities!
Nigeria CEO Magio Events (Party in a Box)
South Korea

Eunyoung Baek

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Doctorate The Korea Maritime Institute
South Korea


When I got a product design offer of Gim. I wasn’t keen on creating a food package. But after a meeting with founder of HEASAN, I changed my mind of seaweed. She has a great love and passion of seaweed that I wanted to be a part of the project! Seaweed is so original and very futuristic and we tried to offer this image on our OMG package. OMG is young and trend at the same time. It’s nutritious and delicious! I’ve never tried a better snack than OMG anywhere except us. I am very proud of our journey of creating OMG. Thank you!
Artist Graphic designer Product designer
South Korea


I feel OMG are focused on two things! First, top quality seaweed and second, excellent design. As I’m a single man who likes to look after myself. I don’t want to consume something harmful for my body. OMG is nutritious and delicious. And it’s a perfect pocket size that fits easily everywhere. I can’t wait to try its new flavours. I love all the flavours they have!
F&B Founder of Kobe hwaro
South Korea


Seaweed comes from the ocean. And we all come from there! Eating a healthy seaweed like OMG is what I have been looking for. The design is as catchy as the name! I love all flavours but sea salt & perilla oil is my favourite. Thank you OMG!
Contents creator, photographer
South Korea

Abigail Soonhee

With my profession, it is important to look after myself. OMG is a snack designed just for me. Healthy, tasty and easy to carry around. I love this pocket size fits me anywhere. Wasabi flavour is my particular favourite! It goes well with any foods!
M. Soprano, Opera Singer
South Korea


Many people ask me where I get the beauty secret from. I would say, the love of Gim, and eating it all the time! OMG is a high-end Gim snack. When I met OMG, I felt that they designed it just for me. Such a healthy trendy look and top quality Gim! I secretly wish that it never go out to the market… Now I feel more people would look more beautiful and young by eating OMG!
President of International Beauty Creative Institute
South Korea


OMG is so catchy! When I saw the name OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing. What a genius idea. I seek for healthy snacks all the time. I feel OMG will be my choice for a long time. Thank you OMG for being my perfect snack!
20s, Foodie
South Korea


“I was always crazy about chocolates, but you can’t eat too much as it can disturb your inner transit severely... but OMG... I discover OMG... realized it’s saveur, intensity and cracking experience in the mouth completely turned me on... Goodbye chocolate...I am now embarking with OMG on a new healthy and elegant journey at the deep heart of the ocean”
OMG addict